Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Concrete Technology - Unit 3

Year: III
Semester: I

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Unit - 3: Fresh Concrete

1. (a) Explain different techniques for compaction of the concrete.
(b) With neat sketches explain performance of different types of compaction equipment.

2. Compare slump and compaction factor tests with reference to the suitability for the use of concrete under various conditions with refence to IS codal specifications.

3. (a) Explain workability of concrete?
(b) List out and briefly describe various tests to measure workability of concrete.

4. (a) Explain different techniques for transportation of the concrete.
(b) With neat sketches explain performance of different types of mixers.
(c) What is ready mixed concrete?

5. Explain procedure for determination of workability of concrete using Compaction factor test with neat diagram and give the limits of compaction factors for different workability.

6. (a) What is batching of concrete?
(b) Explain different types of bathing methods highlighting the advantages and disadvantages

7. (a) List out various operations involved in manufacturing the concrete.
(b) Explain importance of each of the operations.

8. ”Slump test is the most commonly used method of measuring workability of fresh concrete is field”. Explain in detail the slump test with the help of a neat sketch. Discuss its merits and limitations.

9. (a) What is shrinkage of concrete?
(b) Explain various factors affecting shrinkage of concrete.
(c) Describe the laboratory test for measurement of Drying shrinkage of Concrete.

10. Write short notes on:
(a) Weight batching and volume batching.
(b) Absolute volume method of proportioning mixes.
(c) Workability viz-a-viz Durability.

11. (a) What do you understand by curing of concrete? What is its importance?
(b) Explain different methods of curing fresh concrete.

12. (a) What is the effect of mixing time and temperature on workability.
(b) Discuss the various factors which influence the workability of fresh concrete.

13. (a) How does the moisture content on aggregates affect the workability of fresh concrete?
(b) With the help of neat sketch explain compaction factor test for measuring workability.

14. (a) ”A concrete technologist should have a comprehensive knowledge of workability in designing a mix”. Explain how the mix design of concrete is affected by workability
(b) Explain how the following factors affect the workability.
i. size of aggregates
ii. shape of aggregates
iii. water content
iv. grading of aggregates.

15. Explain the following with reference to the properties of fresh concrete :
(a) Segregation
(b) Bleeding

16. (a) Describe compaction factor test for measurement of workability of concrete? How is this method superior to slump test?
(b) Describe the methods available for measurement of workability of a ”low workable concrete”.

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