Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Concrete Technology - Unit 2

Year: III
Semester: I

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Unit - 2: Aggregates

1. (a) Define Bulking of fine aggregate. Explain its practical significance.
(b) Explain procedure for determining of bulking chart of fine aggregate.

2. (a) Explain the role of deleterious material present on the aggregate on the properties of concrete?
(b) What is bulking of fine aggregate? What is the effect of different zero of fine aggregate on bulking?

3. (a) Define Elongation of the aggregates. Explain their practical significance.
(b) Briefly explain procedure for determination of elongation index with sketch of the equipment.

4. Explain about moisture context and water aborption tests on aggregates? What is the significance of these tests?

5. (a) Define Fineness Modulus.
(b) Explain procedure to assess fineness modulus of fine aggregate. Explain grading of aggregates in to different grades based on Fineness Modulus.

6. (a) List out various tests on aggregates.
(b) What are the acceptable limits of various quantities and I. S. Code provision governing them.

7. Explain the significance and role of aggregates in dictating the fresh and hardened properties of concrete.

8. (a) Explain the purpose of aggregates in concrete.
(b) How does the source affects the quality of aggregate?

9. (a) Differentiate between gap grading and continuous grading of aggregate.
(b) How do you conduct sieve analysis on coarse aggregate in the laboratory.

10. Explain how the following characteristics of aggregates affect the properties of concrete.
(a) Size
(b) Shape

11. (a) How do you classify aggregates based on the shape of the particle.
(b) What is Angularity index? How is it calculated? What is its importance.

12. (a) What is the meaning of surface texture of the aggregate. Explain in detail how the surface texture influences the properties of the concrete.
(b) What are the different methods of measuring surface texture of aggregates?

13. (a) ”The bulk density of aggregate gives valuable information regarding its shape and grading”. Explain this statement.
(b) Explain the laboratory tests to determine the bulk density of aggregates.

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