Saturday, March 1, 2014

Model Viva-Voce Questions on Major Project

Project: Analysis and Design of Multi-storied Building

  1. Study Area
  2. Plinth Area & Cost
  3. No. of Floors
  4. Grade of Concrete (for Columns, Beams, Slabs etc.,)
  5. Grade of Steel
  1. Explain various Method of Analysis? Why you preferred the above method?
  2. Which floor you have considered for Framed Analysis?
  3. Explain Negative & Positive Bending Moment in a Fixed Beam?
  4. Max. B.M. of  a simply supported beam subjected to UDL?
  5. Advantage of Fixed beam over Simply Supported Beam?
Design of Slabs:
  1. How do calculate Loads on Slab?
  2. Method of Design
  3. Explain Design Loads and Design Strength of Material?
  4. Which IS Code book is required for Design of RCC Structures?
  5. Which IS Code books are used for Load Analysis?
  6. Clear cover of RCC Slab?
  7. Deflection limit of RCC Slab?
  8. What is One-way slab and Two-way Slab
  9. How to do you calculate B.M. of a Slab?
  10. Minimum spacing of steel reinforcement along short span and longer span in Slab?
Design of Roof Beams:
  1. Explain T-Beam & L-Beam?
  2. Where do you find Cantilever beam?
  3. Explain Doubly Reinforced beam? when do you need?
  4. Clear Cover of RCC Beam?
  5. Minimum dia. of steel bar used in Beam?
  6. What is Shear Reinforcement?
  7. Types of Shear Reinforcement?
  8. Where do you find Compression Zone and Tension Zone in a Cantilever Beam?
  9. Deflection Limits of Beam?
  10. How to do you calculate load on Beam?
Design of Columns:
  1. How do you plan Column Position and Orientation?
  2. Max. size of Column?
  3. How to calculate load on a Column?
  4. How to calculate Moment on a Column?
  5. Explain Axially loaded column, Uni-Axial Bending, Bi-Axial Bending?
Design of Column Footing:
  1. What is SBC of Soil?
  2. Which type of foundation you designed?
  3. Where do you need Combined Footing & Raft Footing?
  4. Clear Cover used in a Column Footing?
  5. What is Punching Shear?
  1. Show Drawings: a) Architectural Plan, b) Column Center-line, c) Beam Position d) Spanning of Slabs
  2. What is BBS?
  3. Explain BBS of a Slab, Beam, Column, and Column Footing from the drawing?
  4. Weight of 16mm dia. bar?
  5. Show Staircase Plan and Cross Section with Steel details?

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