Thursday, January 23, 2014

HHM - Mock Test 1

Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machines (HHM)
Mock Test 1
Write any Five Questions. Each 2 Marks


Date: 24-Jan-2013

  1. Types of Flows
  2. Types of Channels with neat Sketch
  3. How to find Velocity of flow in a Channel? Explain with various formulas used for?
  4. Explain conditions for most economical sections of various types of channel
  5. Explain GVF and RVF with neat Sketch?
  6. Explain Specific Energy and Specific Energy Curve?
  7. Explain Conditions for Critical Flow?
  8. Explain Hydraulic Jump with neat Sketch
  9. How to find depth and length of Hydraulic Jump?
  10. Explain Back Water Curve and Afflux with neat Sketch?

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