Sunday, January 19, 2014

DSS - Assignment 1

Last Date: 21-Jan-2014

[ Data common to all problems : Assume bolts to be in a single line. For steel members and plates :
 fu = 410 MPa and fy = 250 MPa. For bolts : fu = 400 MPa. Refer Steel Tables and IS codes for sectional
 properties and other data ]

1. Calculate number of bolts required to transfer a factored axial force of 100 kN through a bolted connection using 12 mm bolts in single shear with plate thickness of 8 mm.

2. Two plates 12mm thick are joined by i) a single V-butt weld ii) a double V-butt weld. The effective length of the weld is 220mm. determine the strength of welded joint?

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