Friday, October 28, 2011

B. Tech - I Year (Lessson Plan & Topics)


Lesson Plan:

No of class
Topics to be Covered
Introduction to Engineering Mechanics, Applications of Mechanics in day to day life.
Classification of Mechanics - Statics / Dynamics, Definition of force, Vector Notation, components of the force
Law of Transmissibility of force, Resultant, equilibrant
Resultant of concurrent force system, triangle law of force addition, polygon law of force addition
5, 6, 7
Problems on Resultant of concurrent forces
Moment of the force  and  its application
Varignon’s theorem, Problems
Couple and equivalent force couple system
Resultant of Parallel  force  and problems
Resultant of non concurrent non parallel forces
14 to 18
19, 20
Forces in space, resultant of concurrent forces in space


1.    Introduction
a.    Definition
b.    Group of Mechanics
                                          i.    Classical / Newtonian Mechanics
                                         ii.    Relativistic Mechanics
                                        iii.    Quantum Mechanics / Wave Mechanics
2.    Classification of Mechanics
a.    Mechanics of Solids
                                          i.    Mechanics of Rigid Body
1.    Statics
2.    Dynamics
a.    Kinematics
b.    Kinetics
                                         ii.    Mechanics of Deformable Body
1.    Theory of Elasticity
2.    Theory of Plasticity
b.    Mechanics of Fluids
3.    Basic Terminologies
a.    Mass
b.    Time
c.    Space
d.    Length
e.    Displacement
f.     Velocity
g.    Acceleration
h.    Momentum
i.      Continuum
j.      Rigid Body
k.    Particle
4.    Laws of Mechanics
a.    Newton’s First Law
b.    Newton’s Second Law
c.    Newton’s Third Law
d.    Newton’s Law of Gravitation
e.    Law of Transmissibility of Forces
f.     Parallelogram law of forces
g.    Derived Laws
5.    Units
a.    Unit of Forces
                                          i.    MKS
                                         ii.    FPS
                                       iii.    SI
b.    Unit of Constant of Gravitation
c.    Scalar vs Vector
6.    Characteristics of a Force
7.    Forces
a.    Coplanar or Non-coplanar
b.    Concurrent or Non-concurrent
c.    Parallel or Non-parallel
8.    System of Forces
a.    Coplanar (2-D)
                                          i.    Collinear
                                         ii.    Concurrent
                                        iii.    Parallel
                                       iv.    Non-concurrent Non-parallel
b.    Non-coplanar (Space or  3-D)
                                          i.    Concurrent
                                         ii.    Parallel
                                        iii.    Non-concurrent Non-parallel
9.    Resultant of System of Forces
a.    Coplanar Concurrent Force System
                                          i.    Resolution of Forces
                                         ii.    Composition of Concurrent Forces by Method of Resolution
b.    Coplanar Non-concurrent System
                                          i.    Moment of a Force
                                         ii.    Varignon’s Theorem
                                        iii.    Couple
                                       iv.    Resolution of Force into a Force and a Couple
                                        v.    Resultant of Force Systems
                                       vi.    X and Y intercepts of Resultant
c.    Concurrent Force System in Space

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