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DSS - Assignment 2


Design of Steel Structures (DSS)

Unit 5: Beams
1.     Design a beam of effective span 6 m subjected to UDL of 10 kN/m and two concentrated loads of 80 kN each at 2m and 4m respectively from the left support. The beam is laterally supported.

2.     A hall 12m x 8 m has to be provided with a 120mm thick roof slab. The roof shall also be provided with 75 mm thick cement concrete. The live load on the slab is 1.5 kN/m2. Design an intermediate steel beam, if the beams are spaced at 3 m c/c

3.     Find the superimposed live load carrying capacity of ISMB 400@0.822 KN/m, if it to be used over a simply supported effective span of 6.4 m. The beam is laterally supported.

4.     Design a laterally unsupported beam with 6 m simply supported effective span, subjected to UDL of 20 kN/m over entire span and a point load of 40 kN at mid span. Depth of beam is restricted to 350 mm

Unit 6: Eccentric Connections
5.     An ISLB 225 @ 230.5 N/m and 1 m long is connected at one end to the column section ISHB 200 @ 365.9 N/m. It supports a load of 300 kN at its free end. Design the Bolted connection.

6.     Design a framed connection to connect an ISLB 350 @ 485.6 N/m transmitting an end reaction of 300 kN to the web of ISMB 550 @ 1017.3 N/m.  Design the Bolted connection.

7.     A load of 150 kN is to be transferred through a bracket plate of 12mm thick to the flange of a column section ISHB 300 @ 618 N/m. The load is acting at an eccentricity of 100mm from the column face. Design Bolted connection

8.     Draw the typical sketches to show the following beam column connections:
a). Framed Connection b). Unstiffened Seated Connection c) Stiffened Seated Connection

Unit 7: Plate Girders

9.    Design a welded plate girder 24 m in effective span and simply supported at ends. It carries an uniformly distributed load of 100 kN/m. draw section at support and front elevation of plate girder

10.  What are stiffeners and why are they used? How many types of stiffeners are being used in the design of plate girder? Give the conditions (as per IS 800) when stiffeners are required.

11.  A plate girder is subjected to a maximum factored moment of 4000 kN-m and factored shear force of 600 kN. Design girder without any stiffeners

12.  A plate girder with Fe415 plates is having 12mmx150mm web plate and 56mm x 500mm flange plates. Determine the flexural strength, if the compression flange supported laterally.

Unit 8: Roof Truss
13.  Explain various types of Roof Trusses with neat sketch

14.  Draw a Flink Roof Truss of 12m span. Explain and label following members on
           a) Top Chord Members     
           b)    Bottom Chord Members
           c)     Struts
           d)    Slings
           e)     Sag Tie

15.  Find member forces in a steel roof truss as shown in Fig. for a clear span of 12.45 m. The trusses supported over masonry columns 45cm x 45 cm. The trusses are placed at 3 m c/c and support galvanized iron sheet on rafters and steel purlins. The rise of the truss is 1/3 of span and tile wind normal to the roof surface is 1500 N/m2

16.  Design a channel section purlin for the following data:
Spacing of Trusses: 4m
Spacing of Purlins: 1.8m
Weight of Sheets: 100 N/m2
Weight of Purlin: 100 N/m
Live Load: 0.5 kN/m2
Wind Load: 1.5 kN/m2  (Suction)
Inclination of main Rafter is 200

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